Marketing Support

Marketing support / sales support illustration

Timely sales support

Tenders, sales pitches and exhibition materials change at short notice. We are used to rolling up our sleeves and helping edit presentations, turning out ‘rapid response’ supporting material (visualisations, drawings and datasheets), assembling submissions, or turning around the next revision. Just consider us there.

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Help in the field

Do you need to boost support for your branches, distributors and agents? Ask Harrison Sigala about ‘in the field’ packs for any partner or territory. These typically include branding materials and guidance for your partners, localised literature, adding your products to their sites, and the routine forms and paperwork.

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Life is easier when the trade press is on your side. We offer help with writing and placing editorials and articles, liaising with journalists and editors, submitting press releases, and placing ads to print and online publications. We can also speak to event organisers about sponsorship and other opportunities.

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